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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Take a kid fishing

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of fishing trips with grandparents, mom and dad, and others that took me fishing.  They taught me how to put the bait on my hook, how to cast and how to take a fish off the hook.  I can remember many fishing adventures in my childhood.  The big fish that got away.  The feel of the breeze on my face as it swept across the water.  The excitement of a strike.  I was fortunate to have parents and grandparents that thought it was important to pass on the love of fishing to the children and grandchildren.

I also have great memories of taking my daughters fishing.  When I had a boat and took one or the other out for a boatride and some fishing.  Just recently, I have also had the fun of teaching my step-sons how to fish.  Showing them how to cast.  How to put a worm on the hook.  How to land the fish and take it off the line.  It was great when my step-son said that he wanted a new fishing pole and some new lures for his next Christmas.  To see the enjoyment in their faces and they pulled in a fish and to see the feeling of accomplishment.  Undoubtedly, we will have many more fishing trips in our future.  I also look forward to taking my grandchildren fishing.

Their is no greater and rewarding endeavor than to teach a child to fish.  Period.

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