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Friday, December 11, 2015


Hazel Girl.  This is how I will always remember you.  Riding in the convertible.  The wind blowing in your face.   You loved it!  We connected from the first time I met you.  You were a sweet, loving, intelligent friend and family member.  You were so in tune with all of us.  If someone (especially your momma) was upset, you were right there beside them.   I loved hearing the stories yesterday at your funeral.  How you protected your "babies".  How you were dressed up for tea parties and rode down the stairs in a laundry basket.   How you would protect the family and would bark if something suspicious was going on outside the house.    You were brave,  you were sweet and you had an amazing spirit.

I always connected with you, sweet Hazel.  We had a special relationship.  You reminded me a little of my dog growing up, Bobo.  He was a cocker spaniel (you were part cocker spaniel).  Loving, protective, smart, and very, very special.  You were a gift from God.  Your family mourns your loss because you were more than just a pet.  You were part of the family.  When a special family member passes, it is a very sad time.   Your momma never felt alone when you were with her.   You were her special friend.  You were the kid's special friend.  

Rest in peace, sweet Hazel.  

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