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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Common sense and ACTION lead to success

"Common Sense is the most uncommon thing in the world." -Unknown

With all these "coaches" and self-help "gurus" in the world (look at your Facebook feed) it is amazing that anyone is overweight or unhappy or unsuccessful  .   These experts are giving out great advice, however most of the things they teach are common sense. Success is not knowing what it takes to be successful.  Success is doing what it takes.  Taking action. Not over-thinking or over-analyzing.  Successful people are successful because they take action.  

And they KISS. Keep it simple stupid. 

The Bull doesn't get you out of his pasture by formulating a ten point detailed plan of action.  He does it by putting his head down and walking or charging toward you.  

Your "common sense" coach

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